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4th November 2008, Chicago, USA

Cyco Compact 28TR

Cyco Compact 28TR Trekking
I've got an used "Cyco" bicycle, orignally sold by the discounter in 2006; that the label sounds like psycho reveals either humor or ignorance . . . anyway.

It hasn't been hardly used, so it looks brand new.


  • Manufacturer: sold at
  • Year: 2006 (2010/04/15 received)
  • Price: CHF 400 / Euro 255
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Length: -
  • Width: -
  • Wheels: 2x 28" (2x 700x38C)
  • Gears: 3 x 7
  • Specialities:
    • front hub dynamo
    • front suspension, within front fork
    • tail suspension
  • Lights:
    • front: halogen + white LED
    • back: red LED


2010/04/19 14:57
2010/04/19 14:58
2010/04/19 14:58
2010/04/19 14:58
2010/04/19 14:58
2010/04/19 14:58
2010/04/19 14:59
2010/04/19 14:59
2010/04/19 14:59
2010/04/19 14:59


It is an overcomplicated city-bike, with a lot of nifty details but aren't done really with the required care. It is like a cheap or low-cost immitate of a high end city-bike.

In particular I personaly dislike the gear change handles, you have to push multiple times to change multiple gear, there is no way to make quick changes - one button to push up one gear, another button to push down one gear. This maybe was once hype, but for me way too tricky and cumbersome - rather prefere a gear changer mounted direct at the steering bar operational with one finger.


  • cheap price
  • front hub dynamo
  • full suspension
  • double chamber wheels
  • several minutes standby white LED light at the front


  • brakes and gear changer mounted at lower part of steering bar
  • gear changer complicate and slow
  • too many points of failure (overely complicate setup)


Things were added afterward, by me or the previous owner:
  • mirror
  • toolset at the seat
  • seat cover
  • airpump


  • , supposed the manufacturer of 'Cyco' bicycles


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