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Roulandt Longrider


Mon, April 19, 2010: First version, with photos .

Original Roulandt longrider (1983) with plastic seat
I've got from a friend this "Roulandt" longrider (photo below), variant of the Avatar 2000 or Fateba.

I couldn't first make out what brand it was, fortunatly Markus Haenni from recognized it and determined that it's a "Roulandt" recumbent with a Fateba seat.

Roulandt longrider recumbent with a Fateba seat


  • Manufacturer: Roulandt (Netherland)
  • Year: 1983 (not verified); gotten 2010/04/19 for free
  • Price: CHF 1600 / Euro 1000
  • Weight: -
  • Length: 183cm
  • Width: 43cm (width of Fateba seat, original seat width: ??)
  • Height: 118cm
  • Frame No: 83601
  • Wheels:
    • front: 16" x 1 3/8
    • back: 28"
  • Gears: 2 x 6
  • Specialities:
    • steering via cables
    • Fateba manufactured seat mounted

The frame number reveals very likely the year, 1983. Unfortunately the wheel in the back is a single chamber rim and simple spokes - with baggage and rough street not suitable.


Roulandt longrider recumbent with a Fateba seat
2010/04/19 15:23
2010/04/19 15:23
2010/04/19 15:24
16" front wheel
2010/04/19 15:24
2010/04/19 15:24
2010/04/19 15:24
2 x 6 gears
2010/04/19 15:24
Cable-based steering
2010/04/19 15:24
2010/04/19 15:24
Metal chain protection
2010/04/19 15:24
2010/04/19 15:25
2010/04/19 15:25
2010/04/19 15:25
Old fashion surface friction based wheel-dynamo
2010/04/19 15:25
Frame-no: 83601
2010/04/19 15:25
Fateba seat
2010/04/19 15:26


  • reasonable price (in 1980's)
  • simple setup
  • 16" front wheel: wide variety of tires and wheel sources
  • small wheel distance, good maneuverability


  • original seat was insufficient, broke easily and sweat stayed
  • relative high seat (harder to sit when stopped, higher fall height)
  • no suspension
  • small wheel distance, a bit flacky at higher velocity

Longrider Type Comparison

Longrider Type Comparison

The illustration shows the frame difference, the Avatar 2000 / Fateba has a lower seat, and is longer than the Roulandt.

Lower seat means easier to halt and keep balance, and lower fall-height in case of accidents.

The distance of seat to pedals are the same for the same person of course, the distance of the wheels is shorter for the Roulandt, allows riding smaller radius but also less stable at higher speeds.

The back wheel are both 28", whereas the Fateba has a 17" front wheel, and Roulandt a 16". Small(er) wheels means higher tire usage for the same distance covered.


The previous owner replaced the original plastic seat, which was not good and broke quickly as I was told, with a solid Fateba seat.


  • safety flag
  • bicycle computer
  • air pump
  • mud slides front and back


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