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    MTB Kuwahara

    Kuwahara MTB (1986)
    This was my first bought bicycle:

    • bought new in 1986 for CHF 1500 (apprx. US$ 1100 / € 900)
    • in 2002 new hub drive replaced
    • black frame
    • 2x 26" wheels (26" x 1.95 tires)
    • 3x7 gears
    • Sigma 800 bicycle computer

    A couple of thousands of kilometer ridden, frame is or was still OK, and maintained more or less well until 2002. After that I left it and got it up in 2008/10 when I discovered it full of dirt and rust all over - I regret to have left behind and not maintaining it. After 3 hours cleaning up:

    2008/10/01 15:55
    2008/10/01 15:55
    2008/10/01 15:55
    2008/10/01 15:55
    2008/10/01 15:55
    2008/10/01 15:55
    2008/10/01 15:56
    2008/10/01 15:56

    Most parts have rust, and dried dirt hard to get rid off.

    I made two longer tours with it, until I switched to my Fateba recumbent in 2004.


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