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Sun, August 26, 2012: First version with overview, bit history and references .


What are RepRaps? Self-Replication Rapid prototyping - a machine which partially can produce parts of itself using 3D Printing technology .

It extrudes a heated plastic layer by layer in X, Y and Z and so creates a solid form, called Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) (aka Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)) - there are other ways to build 3 dimensional solid forms parametrically, but FFF is rather simple and cost-effective approach.

Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

I got interested in RepRap a few years ago but didn't follow up as the first models were expensive and too complex to build and use - this changed and since about December 2011 got interested more thoroughly again, thanks to several Kickstarter projects, such as Printrbot .

Due the nature of RepRap, plans are all Open Source, for everyone to adapt, alter and republish - it is like the Open Source movement, now it's about creating solid things.

Some of my thoughts on RepRap:

Darwin RepRap (2007, Classic)

Sells Mendel (2009, Classic)

Prusa Mendel (2010)

Printrbot (2011)

FoldaRap (2011)

Eventorbot (2012)

Complexity Overview

Adrian Bowyer
Adrian Bowyer , Senior Lecturer in mechanical engineering at the University of Bath (UK), started the RepRap movement around 2005 with a very comprehensive aim in mind: Wealth Without Money .

His first model was the "Darwin", which was then improved to "Mendel" - at that point the community started to develop and extend the variation:

High Building Complexity

  • Mendel aka "Sells Mendel", classic (1x Z-axis motor), Z-axis is X/Y-way stabilized Not recommended to build since simpler versions exist:

Medium Building Complexity

  • Prusa Mendel , (2x Z-axis motors), printed parts massively simplified - quasi standard now

Low Building Complexity

  • Printrbot , loosly based on Prusa Mendel , very simple, Z-axis in the open (one end fixated)
    • Wallace , parametric version, Z-axis stabilized using a horizontal rod to connect both Z rods.
    • Portabee , Z-axis in the open

  • Bukobot , alike Printrbot but with aluminium extrusions (very rigid) and Z-axis is X-way stabilized
  • FoldaRap , with aluminium extrusions, Z-axis is X-way stabilized, foldable


  • FoldaRap , power-supply & controller nicely integrated, speciality: foldable (easy to transport)
  • MakiBox , case with power-supply, controller, all in a box, speciality: pellets to filament converter built-in (still in development)

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