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    "Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure."

    Marianne Williamson
    from her book "A Return To Love"

    Art Diary

    Here some unsorted art projects I did or artwork I came across the net which I found extradionary:

    Lotus Flower
    last edited 2010/11/07 11:13

    The inherent beauty of the lotus flower

    Platonic Garden
    last edited 2010/01/27 12:53

    Tetrahedron, Octahedron, Cube, Icosahedron - in the sunrise:

    ... some beauty lies in the simplicity of the platonic solids ...

    It's a test with small models I made for a larger installation I plan in springtime.

    Lattice Wall
    last edited 2010/01/26 13:32

    Sunrise with a lattice wall (model):

    Geodesic Bamboo Dome
    last edited 2010/01/22 11:38

    A geodesic icosahedron-based bamboo dome (6.40m diameter, 4v frequency, 250 pieces) pitched at my place:

    .. pitched for the sake of the beauty of it.

    Update 2010/01/22: new photo series, replacing the one from 2010/01/19.


    The Lonely Red Ball(oon)
    last edited 2010/01/19 13:26

    The purity, the extra-terrestrial which arrived here, not really belonging here, and reminding everyone who looks at it, there is more . . .

    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0709.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0710.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0711.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0712.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0713.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0714.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0715.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0716.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0717.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0718.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0719.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0720.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0721.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0722.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0723.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0724.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0725.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0726.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0727.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0728.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0729.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0730.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0731.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0732.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0733.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0734.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0735.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0736.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0737.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0746.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0747.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0748.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0749.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0750.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0751.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0752.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0753.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0754.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0755.JPG

    Also a small hommage on The Red Balloon movie, from 1956.

    Sidenote: I photographed this red balloon December 20, 2009 in France, so, with the lowest sun position around noon - which makes a great scenery this way.

    Update 2010/01/18: Put up a small video of the scene on Red Ball in Snow



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