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"You are not a human being having a spiritual experience, but a spiritual being having a human experience."

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


written by Rene K. Mueller, last updated Tue, December 2, 2008

Revisions: 2000/01/20: first published, 2008/11/12: republished

When I met the Number 13

In late fall of 1999 I was doing an affirmation (prayer) in order to understand the nature of numbers better, and especially find a way of a personal approach, if not saying relationship to them, because I realized in all my spirituality I missed this part without realizing it consciously, only deep within me I had this longing to reawaken or remember what I was knowing already but could not recall and express consciously.

I must say, all my affirmations and prayers have been answered in my life, it is something most sacred to me, and I learned through all of my life, when I'm alone, then only because I separate myself from my divinity, when I'm centered within my core and soul, then I'm never alone, and so a prayer is for me the most sacred performance I do in this human-form, and I wished in a way my entire life is one constant and fiery prayer to All-That-Is/Creator/God.

So, in the 2nd week of January 2000 my affirmation/prayer was answered, in a way I did not foresee or expected it at all: I was washing my dishes and just started to clean up all spoons, forks and knifes which were left.

So, I was starting to hear within me:

"Greetings, we are 13"

Hmmm ....

"We are 13"

No, there are more spoons, forks and knifes, at least 17 or even more I thought. Sometimes I know the amount of things I look at without actually counting them, but this time it was different.

"We are 13"

No, please, I'm already enganged with a lot of mundane stuff, I can't stand now a spirit pretending being 13, or saying there are 13 spoons, knifes and so forth. "Stop it" I thought and hoped that presence or spirit, or whoever it was to stop.

"Count us"

I felt silly, I started to count, and when I saw I had 10 in my hand, and still a bunch not yet counted, I felt truly silly, because I knew there were more than 13.

So I counted 17, and I said to myself that I should remember not to open myself for entities to be channeled, because sillyness like this would occur ...

"We are 13"

"Where 13?" I asked, trying to challenge that being to confront with the obvious that there was no 13.

"We are within those 17 you just counted . . ."

Oppps ... I missed the point completely!

What happened is a conversation which I partially are able to reproduce:

"Do realize that every number is embedded within its next higher number? And all numbers are made of the 1/One?"

"It is like you humans are: everyone is an individual, but you are also part of each other".

"The question is, how do numbers relate to each other ... such as we (13) are within 17 - but when you apply another relationship ... " (refering a certain form of calculation such as division or multiplication) " ... then the relationship appears different, and maybe apart and as an individual" (such as the prime-numbers I thought for myself)

"In this sense, when you think you are an individual, then you relate yourself in a certain way where you are truly unique, and individual; but also, you always have within yourself the 1/One" (refering the Source of All Things/God)

"When you feel apart of something or even lonely, ask yourself which relation you are choosing to look at yourself and others ..."

"We are 13 and we know we are embedded in countless other numbers"
and I felt their joy when they expressed this insight . . .

"You humans are very very complex numbers, we are like archetypes of yours, we are living within you"

"So next time you count, remember us, the 13, especially since you have the tendencies to negate our existance" (meant collective tendency to negate e.g. the 13th row, or 13th floor etc)
And while the presence faded away, I was thinking, why 13, why not another number?

"Today is also January 13, and you counted us" . . .

I was speechless . . .

And so I pondered on this more . . .

A society which is so focused on counting time, money, and now even with a more and more computerized society, numbers, everywhere numbers.

What, if every number is a being . . .

"We are"
I hear immediatly ... and then I think, so what hen we talk, and count, and measure ...

"This what we are for" . . .

"There is nothing which is purposeless" . . .

"We help you to relate yourself" . . .

My mind kept running asking, slowly to realize the consequence of this 'conversation' with 13 to All-That-Is . . . when every number is a being, alive, conscious, and existing for the purpose to create relationships between All and One . . .

Well, the day I 'met' 13, I feel almost silly writing about it, but the same moment I know also . . . I do want to understand this entire world I live in, everything . . .

And how unconscious and ignorant I have been using numbers . . .

I promise myself from this day on, January 13 2000, I want to honor every number I use to relate myself in this reality, may it be paying in the grocery-store, counting the days or years, or looking at the watch and seeing it's twenty past nine . . .

Everything is sacred . . . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 . . .


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