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Street Machine Gt Shortrider


Sat, January 19, 2008: First photos and short review .

For a dear friend of mine I picked up an used Street Machine Gt in order to ship it later to her overseas. It gave me the opportunity to review Street Machine Gt manufactured by :


2008/01/19 13:31
2008/01/19 13:26
2008/01/19 13:30
2008/01/19 13:26
2008/01/19 13:27
2008/01/19 13:27
2008/01/19 13:27
2008/01/19 13:27
2008/01/19 13:27
2008/01/19 13:28
2008/01/19 13:28
2008/01/19 13:28
2008/01/19 13:29
2008/01/19 13:29
2008/01/19 13:29
2008/01/19 13:29

My Review

I rode the Street Machine (short rider) from Bern to Lenzburg, apprx. 80km in about 4 hours, with a bit tail wind. I was noteable faster than with my Fateba with alike distance and the same region. I noticed the lack of a head support caused me some strain around the neck, which bothered me more and more and got me tired. When I returned I made a head support using 0.5mm sheet metal and some foam, and painted black to match the recumbent. also sells head support at € 60.


  • fast, faster than Fateba longrider due improved aerodynamic
  • rather comfortable laying or sitting (except head position)
  • ordinary bicycle travel baggage to be used
  • adjustable drive for different leg lengths
  • full suspension front and back


  • a bit cumbersome to climb and sit on, starting more difficult due short wheel base, general more unstable compared to Fateba
  • large turning radius despite of short wheel-base
  • adjusting drive/seat position requires extending/shortening chain too


  • Manufactured: 2000 (bought 01/2008, 3rd owner)
  • Price: CHF 1500 / ~ € 900 / ~ US$ 1200
  • Weight: ~23kg (15kg according , where this 7kg discrepancy comes from: no idea)
  • Length: 185cm
  • Height: 112cm (130cm incl. head support)
  • Width: 53cm (seat 39cm)
  • Wheels:
    • Front: 20"
    • Back: 26"
  • Gears: 3 x 8



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