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E-Motion California


Fri, August 29, 2008: First version of e-bike with photos and opening the control electronic box .

E-Motion California
The "E-Motion California" (also known as "ALU REX e-bike") is a low-cost e-bike (electric assisted bicycle) sold in Switzerland by Jumbo (2008/08) for CHF 1,490 (apprx. € 930).

It's the 2nd generation sold by Jumbo (Switzerland), the 1st generation was available for CHF 1,200 and then later for CHF 666 (€ 420) as blow-out.

It got rather bad reviews due limited range and weak motor (Kassensturz 20.05.2008 ).

The worst ebike discovered through the test was also the cheapest: California E-Motion 28" for CHF 1490, bought bei Jumbo. Criticism: insufficient bicycle quality and configuration. Jumbo said, their ebike was meant as entry model.


  • 2x 28" wheels
  • frame height: 50cm
  • load: max 100kg
  • 7-gear SRAM-hub
  • power regulation at handle
  • 10-Lux front light
  • LED back light
  • seat suspension
  • front fork suspension
  • soft seat
  • bell
  • two leg stand
  • battery charge remote or on the bicycle
  • easy removable battery with handle
  • keys for on/off
  • charger at 220V
  • front-wheel drive: maintainance free, brushless
  • brakes: 2 rim brakes and back drive break
  • weight: ca. 30 kg with battery


E-Motion California
10Ah battery, lockable
front hub drive
Permanent Magnet brushless high speed hub motors, Voltage: 25.9V, Output: 250W
No-Name bicycle computer (speed, temperature, heart-beat)
2-modes of motor
Halogen front light
cables guided outside of the frame
"cheap" case
front suspension
battery easily removable (lockable by keys)

I used another photo-camera which didn't focus on the spot but in the background, so some details remained blurry, but I publish them nevertheless.

First Experiences

After 6 months:
  • 5 days a week usage (4 miles per day), after 6 months bad battery which required to be replaced (for free)
  • service from Jumbo (Switzerland) good to excellent (also for other fixes)
  • quality of this ebike isn't promising, I suspect over the next 6 months another replacement of the battery is required, apprx. CHF 1000 cost in 12 months for 2 battery replacement (a CHF 500) unless they offer free replacement again (which would be nice, but that's something not to rely on necessarily), so apprx. CHF 83.00 monthly battery cost, which is way to high otherwise.

Hacking the Bicycle?

The drive has some control device which handles the current for the front drive, we opened the box in order to see if we can adjust the speed limitation where the front drive stops, which is by default at 23.9km/h according the bicycle computer. In Switzerland ebikes are allowed to assist up to 25km/h in order to stay as bicycles, otherwise require a plate and a motorcycle driver license if it assists faster than that.

We didn't find a potentiometer, but a 5-pin connector, likely a serial interface for the microcontroller (CY8C24423A 24PVXI 07).

control electronic
microcontroller CY8C24423A by Cypress

  • Typical voltage: 25.9V
  • Max current 14A
  • Typical current 7A
  • Under voltage 21.5V
  • Wheel size 28"
  • Speed signal input voltage: 1.2-4.4V
  • Brake input electron: high ( ) low (X), machine: on ( ) close ( )
  • No: WS080Z000549
  • Date: 02 2008



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