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    "Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure."

    Marianne Williamson
    from her book "A Return To Love"

    Spirit Diary

    My spiritual thoughts, dreams and memories, an outlet of my missionary tendencies:

    Privacy & Secrecy vs Empathy & Compassion
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    Privacy and secrecy, or more general speaking, a veil, a non-transient cover is there to secure two ways, from inside to outside, and from outside to inside, such as a development of an chicken in an egg, a seed covered by strong & hard shell, etc, where something is secured from the outside, to maintain an integrity inside, until it is ready to break the shell.

    When is there no requirement for such a shell? When the environment is supportive and provide what otherwise that shell has provided: non-interference, non-disturbance until it's ready to interact with a wider range of an environment.

    There is a society possible without privacy and secrecy, but it's not in sight yet. It would be a society where everyone has the empathy and understanding of the development of each other, true compassion. Yet, the society as such still maintains a much harsher, more ignorant attitude to its members, that's why societies develop laws, regulations, as the empathy, compassion and the resulting understanding aren't there sufficiently, so they need to be replaced with rules (limitations) either verbally or in written form established and enforced with threat of punishment (entire law system that is) and this is why privacy and personal secrecy is required: we as whole, do not respect an individual as whole without judgement as our opinion, our own ignorance and lack of understanding about others leads to the requirement of a shell in form of "privacy" and "personal secrecy" so we can develop, change, and experiment, and when we are strong enough, can have our coming out, later drop that cloth/identity and go back and grow another identity until ready - yes, it's cyclic process.

    So, when the NSA for example, invades that private space, without actual acknowledgement of the requirement of such a space, without agreement, therefore without the respect of the individual it claims to protect from greater danger, it actually diminishes that part of the ability to develop an empowered and responsible individual - it creates, as some past experiences with partially totalitarian examples also have shown, coerced and mentally controlled individuals, where the society is doomed to collapse as it is no longer able to renew itself as the individuals no longer have the space to do so.

    And that is the big picture: to invade the space, without offering a replacement, does prevent the individual to develop itself further, prevents its cyclic development, and with it, creates a dull, and eventually dying society no longer able to renew itself - the cyclic nature of life is broken in that space, where this invasion is happening.

    So, it's a threat to the individuals, but also for the society as whole where the individuals are member of.

    And to address the USA and NSA issue in particular, this is most interesting, when the US american culture defines itself so much over the individual freedom, which it holds up so high, that every measure to maintain it, actually undermines it to the degree where it is about to dissolve entirely - it is a form of extremism which NSA has been infected; and now Edward Snowden rightfully pointed out, the society as whole has to decide, because the leadership, Obama and his administration in particular, has lost the oversight and overall direction to implement and live up to formerly expressed ideals - which by the way, is part of Obama cyclic development, some ideals he could not live up . . . and our judgement about him is why he needs his privacy and secrecy, to eventually reinvent himself after the presidency - but in regards of the mass surveillance affecting all people using the Internet and technology, we indeed need to understand where the reason for personal secrecy and privacy comes from: our own ignorance and inability to understand each other.

    Two Sides of Human Beingness: Left & Right Brain Hemisphere
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    In this impressive TEDTalk titled "Jill Bolte Taylor's Stroke of Insight" the speaker describes an epiphany (spiritual awakening) while having a stroke. She realizes first hand the function of the left and the right brain hemisphere, and she eloquently describes her stroke and also shares her deep realization based on that epiphany - a message worth spreading:

    3D Printing / RepRap, Open Source & Spirituality
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    In a far distant place, not measureable, there is a technology, where ideas become a form, in which the creators own spirit dives into the form . . . that technology is very advanced, part of it is what is called DNA, high redundancy to preserve the progress made - the plan is so precious that it is backed up manifold, in every cell, in many forms called species.

    In a close place, ~ 20,000km range, there is an emerging technology, where ideas become a form, in which the creators own ideas dive into . . . that technology is advanced, part of it is what is called RepRap.org , people copy and develop those plans further to provide redundancy, to preserve the progress made.

    What is worth more, something which is scarce, or something which is spread and copied to preserve its integrity and allow others to make further improvements?

    Open Source isn't just an ideology or a geek opinion, it is what life itself uses to preserve itself.

    Living in scarcity and fear to survive the next day in earlier days of our existance made us blind to see the inherent quality of sharing, of copying. We are reaching a point of human evolution to overcome scarcity, thanks to sociological and but foremost technological progress . . . we require to catch up mentally and spiritually as well, to see . . . yes, we have enough for everyone, and this means, we can share . . . openly, as life itself does.

    We are gods, who get caught up in an illusion, and now slowly crawl out of it, by immitating what we think gods do: form matter with thought . . . we can't do anything else than really hard trying to remember who we are, and what we are capable of.

    You are a god in amnesia - and if you wonder what "enthusiasm" literally means: it comes from Greek "enthousiasmos", which comes from the adjective entheos, "having the god within," formed from en, "in, within," and theos, "god."

    What's inside is called "software" for the techies . . . or "spirit" for others. The Great Spirit (aka God with big G) made the zeros and the ones, the duality. What makes the background of this text white and the letters black, so you can read the text here, the words - that contrast is information . . . which leads eventually to knowledge if sorted and compared properly. To seek knowledge is . . . to dive into duality, into contrast to experience the two or many sides, of a coin, of a cube, or a multi-faceted form or topic - in that very journey to seek the knowledge you arrived to this moment of time to read these very words on your computer screen . . . the Old Testament describes it "as eating from the tree of knowledge", or "falling or being kicked out of heaven/paradise/luxury spaceship" - or as I call it: rush-hour of the angels/gods to have some fun, and not reading the short user guide which says:

    Be aware that experience will make

    • you forget who you are
    • forget where you came from
    • forget where you (want to) go

    That's about what spirituality is all about in a nutshell for me, and this is why I use the nickname Spiritdude - Spirit (heavenly aspect), dude (earthian aspect).

    Nice meeting you.

    Tuning In - Spirit Channelers in America (2008)
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    Excellent video documentary on channeling, highly recommended:

    One simplification in the documentary I like to address: "There is no sin, there is nothing to pay back". It cuts a complex mechanism too short, because whatever you do to others, not knowing what it does (lack of understanding and/or empathy), you as soul, you as spirit, will seek to experience how it is. The Golden Rule , an ancient saying through multiple cultures and their religions state in one form or another: "One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself" Why? Because it determines what you are going to experience.

    And at the very end of the documentary, around 1:16:00 or so, you see how the different channelers come out of their state of "trance" or however you want to call it, like they woke up . . . it also means, the things said and proposed in the channelings came from a plane or planes, which are still a bit too far away to be said without too much fading away as it is shown in those channeling sessions in the documentary. In other words, there is still a gap to be bridged . . . one time, hopefully soon, one states the wisdom without the need to fade away and still holds a great depth of truth.

    Featured channelers:

    Shadows & Wizards
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    Daniel Jacob quotes on his Facebook (2010/12/13):
    The Shadow wants to be heard, simply that. But if it isn't, it turns nasty. It becomes a veritable demon, witch, or son-of-a-bitch, demanding its pound of flesh....in very painful real time, not dreamtime. Pay attention to your shadow. If you keep distancing yourself, saying "Heavens, it's not my fault!"---then heaven help you. Hell won't."
    ~Katya Walter

    Rene K. Mueller : How did the shadow came into existance the first place?

    Light vs Dark

    Daniel: "Shadow" is a term that was coined by Carl Jung---dealing with those parts of ourselves about which we are "in the dark" or unaware. When we see something in another person (a character trait or personality element) that offends us.....it's usually because that person is wearing some "shadow aspect" that is at work in us, though we are unaware. Or, perhaps, they are wearing some element that needs to be embraced by us........allowed in......and we are judging it.

    P.S. about the Shadow. When we see a "shadow aspect," the effect doesn't always have to be negative. There is also such a thing as a Golden Shadow.......a trait which we admire, but can't believe could exist in us. However......the very fact that we notice it, and admire it give proof to us that it's there, somewhere! So Dark Shadows and Golden Shadows.......both are part of the Realm of the Sub and Unconscious.......

    Rene: Let me repeat my question: How did the shadow came into existance the first place?

    The point I want to make is - the solution of the Shadow lies in the way it was created, how it manifested - so . . . I'm wondering how you see how it came into existance, the Shadow itself (less what it does and the subsequent results).

    Jacob: Ah yes, Rene. I see the extent of your question. Thanks. I suppose you'd say that each person's shadow comes into existence when HE (or SHE) does. When a person says "I am".........this or that.......he is automatically denying all the other things which he ALSO IS. By solidifying a form in 3D, he has to surround himself with a Veil of Forgetfulness which hides the REST of who and what he is outside that scope of being. When a light shines on a wall.......the shadow is created by something coming between the wall and the light. In each universe, that "something" consists of a bundle of conceptions about who and what that person is (compared to everything and everyone else that appears around him). In the Yin/Yang Symbol........the "dark side of the mountain" symbolizes everything in reality that seems HIDDEN and MYSTERIOUS......traditionally the feminine.....because her reproductive anatomy (for example) is hidden inside, rather than overt and visible. Another popular realm for shadow is what can be noticed in peripheral vision.......rather than what is seen by looking straight on. So......when someone asks "What is God?"......the illumined answer might be: "What isn't?" And whatever answer we come up with for that last question dwells in the Realm of Shadow.

    Rene: The moment the fragment/shadow is created determines its destiny and so also the end of its existance, that is the key to deal with fragments and shadows. Whatever is born will die again . . . a profound often seen trivial insight, but gives a hint how to deal with shadows - it's a creation of us . . . it's magic . . . to split one into two . . . it is - we often forget it, as it reveals our inherent (co-)creator qualities, like an inexperienced wizard - "oops, I created a shadow of myself, I don't like this part of me" . . . I wonder when the wizard grows up and realizes he or she can do way more?

    Daniel: It's something that's universal.......VERY CONTROVERSIAL......yet inevitable, in the minds and hearts of every person. What is death? Where do we go (if anywhere) when we die?

    Rene: Daniel, you know, this fragment (!!) of discussion hits many aspects of us humans . . . magic in many forms, we do magic like lighten a fire with a match, 3,000 years ago it was considered magic perhaps, today we stare at a screen and type in via a keyboard, and for a man 200 years ago considered magic if he even could grasp the idea and concept of virtuality that the words on the screen aren't physical, but just light emitted - we are wizards by nature . . . the One we came from still resides within us, and so all things we do as well - like create an opinion about ourselves, in the astral and the ether we create replicas of ourselves, some more healthy, some less healthy - and we wonder when our minds can't think straight, well - why? Because we may have created many selves as fragments in more subtle realities to play (compensate) around, like the wizard loosing track what he or she did actually. It is a big irony that we are capable of so much, and aren't aware of it . . . it slowly changes - a therapy is what exactly? In the best sense we remind ourselves what we really do: "hey, btw, you created a bunch of alternate selfs in the astral - yes, the psycho-therapist calls it shadows, and the shaman calls them soul fragments, and hey, some of those parts of you aren't even alone, the spiritual healer calls them 'attached entities on your fragments (!!)' and so forth, and what about past-lives, are they approved fragments of myself, approved by whom?" - who could thought we are capable doing all this? Well - it is a mystery, it is magick, actually exactly like Creation itself - we just haven't realized it yet.

    It is strange sometimes to write about it . . . because half of yourself gives into the illusion while you try to actualize it, and you loose part of it when you talk, or write . . . like right now I sense it - it is a strange thing, like touching the veil, and you want to bring other parts of yourself - incarnate in other bodies - to that veil so pass through it and become one again - and while one "discusses" this, a friend of mine once responded "but Rene, I have kids, what will happen with my kids" - and I smile in those moments, it is like a joke, at the same time it is part of the reality here - the next years will become very interesting, the mental and emotional unity will become stronger among the soul families - a bigger (sense of) self and awareness will emerge to the conscious level, you can tap into the collective (like getting on the internet, just without computer but a focus of your mind and spirit) and you can pull back into your individualized self - and dance between them . . . and result will be, no secrets (no fragments). And when I watch the news about WikiLeaks , and look at the logo of it - balancing two parts, leaking from one side (secret, unconscious) into the other side (open, public) and it excites and scares at the same time - because it shakes our identity, our role . . . our idea of who we are. Do we want to become whole again, or are we still inclined to play around with fragments? And don't say this has to be answered on an individual basis! Because when you do reply this, you aren't half into the illusion, but fully in it - and it's alright, really, because it means we still want to play and explore more.

    Daniel: I totally agree. If humans have the ability to forget how to DO the magic, as well as we do.......it only stands to reason that we could also forget that it's MAGIC we're doing! It's like becoming velocicized in a car---not realizing how FAST you're really going. Einstein went after that one with Relativity Theory.....using the example of moving trains. Our process of FRAGMENTATION is like a tree that is growing ROOTS. The more we frag ourselves out......the more attention we pay attention HERE, rather than "out there" in the vastness of the ALL. And so we walk a tightrope....and it's a tightrope of attention. How much can I distract myself with amusements and drama HERE......so I forget about my longing and curiosity about what's OUT THERE. Quite frankly.......the amazing amount of DETAIL that is being made available to us.......about how consciousness works........it's making me want to stay HERE more than ever! It's like RECONNECTUS INTERRUPTUS. How long can I tantalyze and tease myself with bits and pieces and flashes of remembrance.......about the MAGIC.....without becoming that moth that got too close to the flame!??

    When I first started writing my "stuff".....I got a letter from a guy who said to me: "You realize, of course, that you're toying with INSANITY.........don't you?" I said........"Yes, I suppose so." But I DIDN'T REALLY LET IT IN all the way. I was (and AM) having too much FUN to worry about that. But there ARE people who simply "lose it"........like that guy in Darren Aronofsky's movie "Pi".......who start messing with TOO MANY KEYS........and unlocking TOO MANY DOORS. I find that my "frags" not only encourage me to explore........they're also SELT BELTS that keep me from sliding off the globe too soon.

    Multinational Corporations (MNC) and Ascended Masters
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    Ascended Master: Kwan Yin

    Multinational Corporations
    In a discussion-thread about "What would you ask an ascended master?" following exchange happened:

    Robin Miller : Sometimes we want to phrase the biggest and best question of all time, as an attempt to beg the biggest and best answer of all time. Maybe we should ask smaller questions that would help us toward understanding on our level.

    One thing that comes to mind is the question of why we allow our technologies and greed to poison and disfigure the beautiful earth? Has anyone seen "The World according to Monsanto " on YouTube (they want to own life) ... or one of the shocking news pieces there about what is called "fracking" (pumping the earth's rock strata full of toxic chemicals to extract gas and oil) ... just to name two. What about the gulf oil spill and corporations that cut corners to save money rather than assure safety? How about the landfills we are creating everywhere across the planet that are full of our garbage (and toxins) ... each of which will inevitably leak into our aquafers and our soils ... and then our food! (he asks, as if that is not already happening)

    I would ask, "Why can't we, as a culture, a society, or as a species rise up and say to the multi-national corporations that enough is enough! But then again I suppose we should be asking ourselves that question and not (the) Creator (or an Ascended Master).

    My response:

    Robin, do you really want to know the answer? The MNC (multi-national corporations) have shareholders, and it's everyone here having them, e.g. via pension/retirement funds (like in Switzerland) - we literally enslave ourselves and each other.

    I have been researching apprx. 4 years ago for a wealthy friend of mine some some spiritual/social oriented investment opportunities, I contacted some NGOs asking about recommendations (in Switzerland) and nobody was able to answer it, I was told due to lack of funding and resources. Further, the so called sustainable investments often had genetic manipulation based stocks (e.g. Monsanto) and nuclear plant frims included - so far about "sustainability". Essentially there was no social feasable way for my friend to invest her money, even worse, the main and only social bank (Alternative Bank Schweiz (ABS) ) here in Switzerland wasn't interested to have her as a client? Why, because they had more money than projects to invest?! WHAT?! Yes, you heard correctly, there was a bank not interested to have more money because they had not sufficient local projects to invest anymore. The same time I came in contact with small businesses here in Switzerland, who were denied a credit by that very ABS . . . perfect!

    It was a real eye-opener, I'm not sure how much has changed in those 4 years. So, when you bother about MNCs and why they rule, because we give them our money, and our trust by not checking what they do - a free-pass by our lack of responsibility of our own money (speak "energy") - and a spiritual coach would say: the first step is to take responsibility for your energies (which includes your money, time, and so on).

    And now, since you felt this discussion here is so out of touch of reality, as I took your post, let me hint to something. The heads of the MNCs are human beings too, some are dwelling in greed driven in a false understanding of what happiness is or how it can be achieved - do you know what those CEOs need? A stock-market crash, one which isn't recovered like the one in 2008? Yes, perhaps, maybe that too. But they need to ask themselves the very questions asked in this thread . . . because by focusing beyond their limited perspective they need to realize we are in service to each other, as divine beings.

    And this is why I am on LinkedIn.com and joined "Spirituality" group, because I wanted to

    1. know are there like-minded "spiritual" people
    2. learn from people integrating spirituality and business
    3. network with those and see how far we can get.

    Awakening I AM Presence
    So, yes, we need to ask why MNCs do no good to our environment, as next we need to ask who gives money and invests in them (and trace it down, and talk about it to your relatives and friends), but then don't just criticize, but also give options and here I'm a bit at loss of alternatives (maybe with some research I could come up with something though), and then after maybe 2-3 other steps, you need to address the important and profound questions

    • WHO AM I,
    • WHY I AM HERE, and

    Yes, maybe you won't able to answer those big questions right away, not a problem, keep them under your pillow What I mean is, connect with the Spirit/Core/Soul you are ... and yes, it's work to bridge that core and the world we live in.

    You wrote "But then again I suppose we should be asking ourselves that question and not (the) Creator" - you see, you end your post with the question, why can't we say enough is enough? I partially answered your question above I hope.

    I would ask an ascended master: "What made you descend in the first time?". Because WHO I AM might be the easiest of those three questions I raised, but the next one is WHY I AM HERE, which is the same "What made you descend ...", what are you really looking for here? So, those big questions are required to be answered, and then they lay the ground for a better world, among the next steps mentioned, essentially to be conscious of your energies and direct them masterfully - hence, becoming a master ourselves, and eventually ascend when the masterhood is attained, because the lessons are learned . . . here.


    Obama: The Saviour, or the Projection of our own Potential
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    Well, I thought to also add a diary (also known as a 'blog') to the Spirituality section.

    As you may have noted, I added a page dedicated to Barack Obama - and feed it with the most significant speeches he gave.

    Am I an Obama follower or desciple? Is he the saviour of our times?

    I think after G. W. Bush Jr. almost every alternative would be a better alternative. Who could have thought he isn't just a better choice, but actually one of the most skilled persons able to make it to US presidency? 3-4 years ago nobody knew Obama, now he is US president, a dream come true ("yes we can"). Well, that's already history, and not even 1 year has past - time is going fast.

    It is clear to me at least, that the saviour claim regarding Obama originates from the deep disappointment of previous presidencies, going back to Nixon and Watergate, or even the murder of John F. Kennedy with its way too many open questions for a supposed "closed case", as a nation the USA hasn't yet recovered from those fully.

    For me, Barack Obama is a man with common sense and sincerity (see also problematic decisions made by Obama and his administration) - and he seems to maintain that even in the role of a president. He certainly has exceptional good speech writers, and he is a good communicator, and he seems to know when the task is more important than his persona; and this is rare, this is what makes him more mature than many politicians of the past decades.

    On a more spiritual level, Obama feeds our own dream of a better world, yet, many of our ideas clash on the reality - and I don't mean the current financial and economic crisis developing, I mean the clash between the idealism and the expressed reality on this planet.

    The hope, and the projection which comes with it, to the persona of Obama comes from the vacuum which has been in this world to have idealism actually put into action - the figures were simply missing. And people ran to project their hopes to celebrities, like actors - a literal metaphor of projection of fiction, and still people are following the celebrities, people who pretend a role, filmed, patched together to make a story, and finally released on a big screen - e.g. larger than life is.

    So, there is idealism in everyone of us, as I would call it, it is the memory of the light, the consciousness of the light trying to make its way into the human beingness, into the human life of each one of us.

    This way - is what we live, the life we live. We wouldn't live a life if there wouldn't be something to bring here. Something flows because there is a potential, somewhere is an excess or a lack of it - if the light flows into this physical realm, into your psyche, into your immediate environment, or even into the entire planet (refering to Lightwork), it is because there is a potential difference, somewhere is excess (or even abundance) and somewhere a lack of.

    Many spiritual teachings address the issue of abundance, and I admit, I have been very critical to much of those teachings, also back then when I ran SpiritWeb.org - because abundance isn't balance - in everything which exists, which is, there is balance - in everything which becomes and changes, there is imbalance which ignites the change, in order to become.

    In a way: the physical is a place to become - everything is in motion - the spiritual is a place to be - everything just is.

    An old joke I usually share: in heaven the angels gathered, and at some time there was a call "new vacation destinations explored" - and the angels queued in front of the door to enter that opportunity to explore a new experience. Aside of that door was an information board listing the side effects:

    1. you will forget who you are
    2. you will forget from where you came from
    3. you will forget where you will go

    and the angels were too eager to explore this vacation and most of them didn't cared to read the side effects.

    So, here we are . . . you and me (who paid more or less attention to the side effects) and we like to remember what we forgot. And there are beings, like Obama, like your mother, your father, your sister or brother, or close friends, who remind us what can be done.

    After we are reminded, what comes next? We actually act accordingly, and when we do, the reminder, the hope and the projection we got into suited us: it helped us to remember. When we don't act accordingly to the memory we recover, and remain stuck in the awe of those who remind us without acting ourselves, then we are vasting our time, and then it ultimately becomes a distraction to our own soul mission.

    This issue arises at any time when someone is teaching, sharing and being an example - and the other one remembers, learns and finally acts accordingly; or one does not remember but still remains uninspired essentially but in awe, and the next step to addiction is not far. It is important to act according insights and inspiration - because those came to be implemented, and acted accordingly.

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