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    Multinational Corporations (MNC) and Ascended Masters
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    Ascended Master: Kwan Yin

    Multinational Corporations
    In a discussion-thread about "What would you ask an ascended master?" following exchange happened:

    Robin Miller : Sometimes we want to phrase the biggest and best question of all time, as an attempt to beg the biggest and best answer of all time. Maybe we should ask smaller questions that would help us toward understanding on our level.

    One thing that comes to mind is the question of why we allow our technologies and greed to poison and disfigure the beautiful earth? Has anyone seen "The World according to Monsanto " on YouTube (they want to own life) ... or one of the shocking news pieces there about what is called "fracking" (pumping the earth's rock strata full of toxic chemicals to extract gas and oil) ... just to name two. What about the gulf oil spill and corporations that cut corners to save money rather than assure safety? How about the landfills we are creating everywhere across the planet that are full of our garbage (and toxins) ... each of which will inevitably leak into our aquafers and our soils ... and then our food! (he asks, as if that is not already happening)

    I would ask, "Why can't we, as a culture, a society, or as a species rise up and say to the multi-national corporations that enough is enough! But then again I suppose we should be asking ourselves that question and not (the) Creator (or an Ascended Master).

    My response:

    Robin, do you really want to know the answer? The MNC (multi-national corporations) have shareholders, and it's everyone here having them, e.g. via pension/retirement funds (like in Switzerland) - we literally enslave ourselves and each other.

    I have been researching apprx. 4 years ago for a wealthy friend of mine some some spiritual/social oriented investment opportunities, I contacted some NGOs asking about recommendations (in Switzerland) and nobody was able to answer it, I was told due to lack of funding and resources. Further, the so called sustainable investments often had genetic manipulation based stocks (e.g. Monsanto) and nuclear plant frims included - so far about "sustainability". Essentially there was no social feasable way for my friend to invest her money, even worse, the main and only social bank (Alternative Bank Schweiz (ABS) ) here in Switzerland wasn't interested to have her as a client? Why, because they had more money than projects to invest?! WHAT?! Yes, you heard correctly, there was a bank not interested to have more money because they had not sufficient local projects to invest anymore. The same time I came in contact with small businesses here in Switzerland, who were denied a credit by that very ABS . . . perfect!

    It was a real eye-opener, I'm not sure how much has changed in those 4 years. So, when you bother about MNCs and why they rule, because we give them our money, and our trust by not checking what they do - a free-pass by our lack of responsibility of our own money (speak "energy") - and a spiritual coach would say: the first step is to take responsibility for your energies (which includes your money, time, and so on).

    And now, since you felt this discussion here is so out of touch of reality, as I took your post, let me hint to something. The heads of the MNCs are human beings too, some are dwelling in greed driven in a false understanding of what happiness is or how it can be achieved - do you know what those CEOs need? A stock-market crash, one which isn't recovered like the one in 2008? Yes, perhaps, maybe that too. But they need to ask themselves the very questions asked in this thread . . . because by focusing beyond their limited perspective they need to realize we are in service to each other, as divine beings.

    And this is why I am on LinkedIn.com and joined "Spirituality" group, because I wanted to

    1. know are there like-minded "spiritual" people
    2. learn from people integrating spirituality and business
    3. network with those and see how far we can get.

    Awakening I AM Presence
    So, yes, we need to ask why MNCs do no good to our environment, as next we need to ask who gives money and invests in them (and trace it down, and talk about it to your relatives and friends), but then don't just criticize, but also give options and here I'm a bit at loss of alternatives (maybe with some research I could come up with something though), and then after maybe 2-3 other steps, you need to address the important and profound questions

    • WHO AM I,
    • WHY I AM HERE, and

    Yes, maybe you won't able to answer those big questions right away, not a problem, keep them under your pillow What I mean is, connect with the Spirit/Core/Soul you are ... and yes, it's work to bridge that core and the world we live in.

    You wrote "But then again I suppose we should be asking ourselves that question and not (the) Creator" - you see, you end your post with the question, why can't we say enough is enough? I partially answered your question above I hope.

    I would ask an ascended master: "What made you descend in the first time?". Because WHO I AM might be the easiest of those three questions I raised, but the next one is WHY I AM HERE, which is the same "What made you descend ...", what are you really looking for here? So, those big questions are required to be answered, and then they lay the ground for a better world, among the next steps mentioned, essentially to be conscious of your energies and direct them masterfully - hence, becoming a master ourselves, and eventually ascend when the masterhood is attained, because the lessons are learned . . . here.


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