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    "Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure."

    Marianne Williamson
    from her book "A Return To Love"

    Spirit Diary

    My spiritual thoughts, dreams and memories, an outlet of my missionary tendencies:

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    3D Printing / RepRap, Open Source & Spirituality
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    In a far distant place, not measureable, there is a technology, where ideas become a form, in which the creators own spirit dives into the form . . . that technology is very advanced, part of it is what is called DNA, high redundancy to preserve the progress made - the plan is so precious that it is backed up manifold, in every cell, in many forms called species.

    In a close place, ~ 20,000km range, there is an emerging technology, where ideas become a form, in which the creators own ideas dive into . . . that technology is advanced, part of it is what is called RepRap.org , people copy and develop those plans further to provide redundancy, to preserve the progress made.

    What is worth more, something which is scarce, or something which is spread and copied to preserve its integrity and allow others to make further improvements?

    Open Source isn't just an ideology or a geek opinion, it is what life itself uses to preserve itself.

    Living in scarcity and fear to survive the next day in earlier days of our existance made us blind to see the inherent quality of sharing, of copying. We are reaching a point of human evolution to overcome scarcity, thanks to sociological and but foremost technological progress . . . we require to catch up mentally and spiritually as well, to see . . . yes, we have enough for everyone, and this means, we can share . . . openly, as life itself does.

    We are gods, who get caught up in an illusion, and now slowly crawl out of it, by immitating what we think gods do: form matter with thought . . . we can't do anything else than really hard trying to remember who we are, and what we are capable of.

    You are a god in amnesia - and if you wonder what "enthusiasm" literally means: it comes from Greek "enthousiasmos", which comes from the adjective entheos, "having the god within," formed from en, "in, within," and theos, "god."

    What's inside is called "software" for the techies . . . or "spirit" for others. The Great Spirit (aka God with big G) made the zeros and the ones, the duality. What makes the background of this text white and the letters black, so you can read the text here, the words - that contrast is information . . . which leads eventually to knowledge if sorted and compared properly. To seek knowledge is . . . to dive into duality, into contrast to experience the two or many sides, of a coin, of a cube, or a multi-faceted form or topic - in that very journey to seek the knowledge you arrived to this moment of time to read these very words on your computer screen . . . the Old Testament describes it "as eating from the tree of knowledge", or "falling or being kicked out of heaven/paradise/luxury spaceship" - or as I call it: rush-hour of the angels/gods to have some fun, and not reading the short user guide which says:

    Be aware that experience will make

    • you forget who you are
    • forget where you came from
    • forget where you (want to) go

    That's about what spirituality is all about in a nutshell for me, and this is why I use the nickname Spiritdude - Spirit (heavenly aspect), dude (earthian aspect).

    Nice meeting you.

    Obama: The Saviour, or the Projection of our own Potential
    last edited 2009/06/04 09:13 (*)

    Well, I thought to also add a diary (also known as a 'blog') to the Spirituality section.

    As you may have noted, I added a page dedicated to Barack Obama - and feed it with the most significant speeches he gave.

    Am I an Obama follower or desciple? Is he the saviour of our times?

    I think after G. W. Bush Jr. almost every alternative would be a better alternative. Who could have thought he isn't just a better choice, but actually one of the most skilled persons able to make it to US presidency? 3-4 years ago nobody knew Obama, now he is US president, a dream come true ("yes we can"). Well, that's already history, and not even 1 year has past - time is going fast.

    It is clear to me at least, that the saviour claim regarding Obama originates from the deep disappointment of previous presidencies, going back to Nixon and Watergate, or even the murder of John F. Kennedy with its way too many open questions for a supposed "closed case", as a nation the USA hasn't yet recovered from those fully.

    For me, Barack Obama is a man with common sense and sincerity (see also problematic decisions made by Obama and his administration) - and he seems to maintain that even in the role of a president. He certainly has exceptional good speech writers, and he is a good communicator, and he seems to know when the task is more important than his persona; and this is rare, this is what makes him more mature than many politicians of the past decades.

    On a more spiritual level, Obama feeds our own dream of a better world, yet, many of our ideas clash on the reality - and I don't mean the current financial and economic crisis developing, I mean the clash between the idealism and the expressed reality on this planet.

    The hope, and the projection which comes with it, to the persona of Obama comes from the vacuum which has been in this world to have idealism actually put into action - the figures were simply missing. And people ran to project their hopes to celebrities, like actors - a literal metaphor of projection of fiction, and still people are following the celebrities, people who pretend a role, filmed, patched together to make a story, and finally released on a big screen - e.g. larger than life is.

    So, there is idealism in everyone of us, as I would call it, it is the memory of the light, the consciousness of the light trying to make its way into the human beingness, into the human life of each one of us.

    This way - is what we live, the life we live. We wouldn't live a life if there wouldn't be something to bring here. Something flows because there is a potential, somewhere is an excess or a lack of it - if the light flows into this physical realm, into your psyche, into your immediate environment, or even into the entire planet (refering to Lightwork), it is because there is a potential difference, somewhere is excess (or even abundance) and somewhere a lack of.

    Many spiritual teachings address the issue of abundance, and I admit, I have been very critical to much of those teachings, also back then when I ran SpiritWeb.org - because abundance isn't balance - in everything which exists, which is, there is balance - in everything which becomes and changes, there is imbalance which ignites the change, in order to become.

    In a way: the physical is a place to become - everything is in motion - the spiritual is a place to be - everything just is.

    An old joke I usually share: in heaven the angels gathered, and at some time there was a call "new vacation destinations explored" - and the angels queued in front of the door to enter that opportunity to explore a new experience. Aside of that door was an information board listing the side effects:

    1. you will forget who you are
    2. you will forget from where you came from
    3. you will forget where you will go

    and the angels were too eager to explore this vacation and most of them didn't cared to read the side effects.

    So, here we are . . . you and me (who paid more or less attention to the side effects) and we like to remember what we forgot. And there are beings, like Obama, like your mother, your father, your sister or brother, or close friends, who remind us what can be done.

    After we are reminded, what comes next? We actually act accordingly, and when we do, the reminder, the hope and the projection we got into suited us: it helped us to remember. When we don't act accordingly to the memory we recover, and remain stuck in the awe of those who remind us without acting ourselves, then we are vasting our time, and then it ultimately becomes a distraction to our own soul mission.

    This issue arises at any time when someone is teaching, sharing and being an example - and the other one remembers, learns and finally acts accordingly; or one does not remember but still remains uninspired essentially but in awe, and the next step to addiction is not far. It is important to act according insights and inspiration - because those came to be implemented, and acted accordingly.

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