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    "Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure."

    Marianne Williamson
    from her book "A Return To Love"

    Spirit Diary

    My spiritual thoughts, dreams and memories, an outlet of my missionary tendencies:

    Shadows & Wizards
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    Daniel Jacob quotes on his Facebook (2010/12/13):
    The Shadow wants to be heard, simply that. But if it isn't, it turns nasty. It becomes a veritable demon, witch, or son-of-a-bitch, demanding its pound of flesh....in very painful real time, not dreamtime. Pay attention to your shadow. If you keep distancing yourself, saying "Heavens, it's not my fault!"---then heaven help you. Hell won't."
    ~Katya Walter

    Rene K. Mueller : How did the shadow came into existance the first place?

    Light vs Dark

    Daniel: "Shadow" is a term that was coined by Carl Jung---dealing with those parts of ourselves about which we are "in the dark" or unaware. When we see something in another person (a character trait or personality element) that offends us.....it's usually because that person is wearing some "shadow aspect" that is at work in us, though we are unaware. Or, perhaps, they are wearing some element that needs to be embraced by us........allowed in......and we are judging it.

    P.S. about the Shadow. When we see a "shadow aspect," the effect doesn't always have to be negative. There is also such a thing as a Golden Shadow.......a trait which we admire, but can't believe could exist in us. However......the very fact that we notice it, and admire it give proof to us that it's there, somewhere! So Dark Shadows and Golden Shadows.......both are part of the Realm of the Sub and Unconscious.......

    Rene: Let me repeat my question: How did the shadow came into existance the first place?

    The point I want to make is - the solution of the Shadow lies in the way it was created, how it manifested - so . . . I'm wondering how you see how it came into existance, the Shadow itself (less what it does and the subsequent results).

    Jacob: Ah yes, Rene. I see the extent of your question. Thanks. I suppose you'd say that each person's shadow comes into existence when HE (or SHE) does. When a person says "I am".........this or that.......he is automatically denying all the other things which he ALSO IS. By solidifying a form in 3D, he has to surround himself with a Veil of Forgetfulness which hides the REST of who and what he is outside that scope of being. When a light shines on a wall.......the shadow is created by something coming between the wall and the light. In each universe, that "something" consists of a bundle of conceptions about who and what that person is (compared to everything and everyone else that appears around him). In the Yin/Yang Symbol........the "dark side of the mountain" symbolizes everything in reality that seems HIDDEN and MYSTERIOUS......traditionally the feminine.....because her reproductive anatomy (for example) is hidden inside, rather than overt and visible. Another popular realm for shadow is what can be noticed in peripheral vision.......rather than what is seen by looking straight on. So......when someone asks "What is God?"......the illumined answer might be: "What isn't?" And whatever answer we come up with for that last question dwells in the Realm of Shadow.

    Rene: The moment the fragment/shadow is created determines its destiny and so also the end of its existance, that is the key to deal with fragments and shadows. Whatever is born will die again . . . a profound often seen trivial insight, but gives a hint how to deal with shadows - it's a creation of us . . . it's magic . . . to split one into two . . . it is - we often forget it, as it reveals our inherent (co-)creator qualities, like an inexperienced wizard - "oops, I created a shadow of myself, I don't like this part of me" . . . I wonder when the wizard grows up and realizes he or she can do way more?

    Daniel: It's something that's universal.......VERY CONTROVERSIAL......yet inevitable, in the minds and hearts of every person. What is death? Where do we go (if anywhere) when we die?

    Rene: Daniel, you know, this fragment (!!) of discussion hits many aspects of us humans . . . magic in many forms, we do magic like lighten a fire with a match, 3,000 years ago it was considered magic perhaps, today we stare at a screen and type in via a keyboard, and for a man 200 years ago considered magic if he even could grasp the idea and concept of virtuality that the words on the screen aren't physical, but just light emitted - we are wizards by nature . . . the One we came from still resides within us, and so all things we do as well - like create an opinion about ourselves, in the astral and the ether we create replicas of ourselves, some more healthy, some less healthy - and we wonder when our minds can't think straight, well - why? Because we may have created many selves as fragments in more subtle realities to play (compensate) around, like the wizard loosing track what he or she did actually. It is a big irony that we are capable of so much, and aren't aware of it . . . it slowly changes - a therapy is what exactly? In the best sense we remind ourselves what we really do: "hey, btw, you created a bunch of alternate selfs in the astral - yes, the psycho-therapist calls it shadows, and the shaman calls them soul fragments, and hey, some of those parts of you aren't even alone, the spiritual healer calls them 'attached entities on your fragments (!!)' and so forth, and what about past-lives, are they approved fragments of myself, approved by whom?" - who could thought we are capable doing all this? Well - it is a mystery, it is magick, actually exactly like Creation itself - we just haven't realized it yet.

    It is strange sometimes to write about it . . . because half of yourself gives into the illusion while you try to actualize it, and you loose part of it when you talk, or write . . . like right now I sense it - it is a strange thing, like touching the veil, and you want to bring other parts of yourself - incarnate in other bodies - to that veil so pass through it and become one again - and while one "discusses" this, a friend of mine once responded "but Rene, I have kids, what will happen with my kids" - and I smile in those moments, it is like a joke, at the same time it is part of the reality here - the next years will become very interesting, the mental and emotional unity will become stronger among the soul families - a bigger (sense of) self and awareness will emerge to the conscious level, you can tap into the collective (like getting on the internet, just without computer but a focus of your mind and spirit) and you can pull back into your individualized self - and dance between them . . . and result will be, no secrets (no fragments). And when I watch the news about WikiLeaks , and look at the logo of it - balancing two parts, leaking from one side (secret, unconscious) into the other side (open, public) and it excites and scares at the same time - because it shakes our identity, our role . . . our idea of who we are. Do we want to become whole again, or are we still inclined to play around with fragments? And don't say this has to be answered on an individual basis! Because when you do reply this, you aren't half into the illusion, but fully in it - and it's alright, really, because it means we still want to play and explore more.

    Daniel: I totally agree. If humans have the ability to forget how to DO the magic, as well as we do.......it only stands to reason that we could also forget that it's MAGIC we're doing! It's like becoming velocicized in a car---not realizing how FAST you're really going. Einstein went after that one with Relativity Theory.....using the example of moving trains. Our process of FRAGMENTATION is like a tree that is growing ROOTS. The more we frag ourselves out......the more attention we pay attention HERE, rather than "out there" in the vastness of the ALL. And so we walk a tightrope....and it's a tightrope of attention. How much can I distract myself with amusements and drama HERE......so I forget about my longing and curiosity about what's OUT THERE. Quite frankly.......the amazing amount of DETAIL that is being made available to us.......about how consciousness works........it's making me want to stay HERE more than ever! It's like RECONNECTUS INTERRUPTUS. How long can I tantalyze and tease myself with bits and pieces and flashes of remembrance.......about the MAGIC.....without becoming that moth that got too close to the flame!??

    When I first started writing my "stuff".....I got a letter from a guy who said to me: "You realize, of course, that you're toying with INSANITY.........don't you?" I said........"Yes, I suppose so." But I DIDN'T REALLY LET IT IN all the way. I was (and AM) having too much FUN to worry about that. But there ARE people who simply "lose it"........like that guy in Darren Aronofsky's movie "Pi".......who start messing with TOO MANY KEYS........and unlocking TOO MANY DOORS. I find that my "frags" not only encourage me to explore........they're also SELT BELTS that keep me from sliding off the globe too soon.

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