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    Art Diary

    Here some unsorted art projects I did or artwork I came across the net which I found extradionary:

    The Lonely Red Ball(oon)
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    The purity, the extra-terrestrial which arrived here, not really belonging here, and reminding everyone who looks at it, there is more . . .

    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0709.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0710.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0711.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0712.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0713.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0714.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0715.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0716.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0717.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0718.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0719.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0720.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0721.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0722.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0723.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0724.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0725.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0726.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0727.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0728.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0729.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0730.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0731.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0732.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0733.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0734.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0735.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0736.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0737.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0746.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0747.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0748.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0749.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0750.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0751.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0752.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0753.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0754.JPG
    Pics/Art/Red Ball/PICT0755.JPG

    Also a small hommage on The Red Balloon movie, from 1956.

    Sidenote: I photographed this red balloon December 20, 2009 in France, so, with the lowest sun position around noon - which makes a great scenery this way.

    Update 2010/01/18: Put up a small video of the scene on Red Ball in Snow

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