"Du bist nicht ein menschliches Wesen, das eine spirituelle Erfahrung macht - sondern ein spirituelles Wesen, das eine menschliche Erfahrung macht."

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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Di, 21. Januar, 2020
Willkommen zu meiner persönlichen Web-Site!


Mi, 6. Juli, 2016:
2016 Travel: Brief description of a "test tour".

Fr, 16. Oktober, 2015:
2015: France & Italy: More description and better structured.
Flux S900 Shortrider: more photos, more details.

So, 2. August, 2015:
Flux S900 Shortrider: first preliminary page.

Do, 18. Juni, 2015:
2015: France & Italy: Initial version with a few photos and brief description.

Mi, 4. Juni, 2014:
2014: Central Europe: Photos and brief diary of the recumbent tour in Central Europe: France, Italy, Austria and Germany.

Sa, 28. Dezember, 2013:
Living Diary: Believe in Values or from king/queen issued money to math based money: Money, a means for exchange and abstraction of value, has been issued by leaders, kings & queens, and images of their heads were put on the coins; it was the belief into the leaders which was the cor..

Do, 26. Dezember, 2013:
Spirit Diary: Privacy & Secrecy vs Empathy & Compassion: Privacy and secrecy, or more general speaking, a veil, a non-transient cover is there to secure two ways, from inside to outside, and from outside to inside, such as a development of an chicken in an..

Sa, 14. Dezember, 2013:
Computer Diary: MetaFS - Dealing With Metadata the Proper Way: As I posted earlier Metadata - The Unresolved Mess (2012-07) I have started another effort to really bring decade long pondering on the issue together, and MetaFS I started a few weeks ago, and it is..

Do, 19. September, 2013:
Spirit Diary: Two Sides of Human Beingness: Left & Right Brain Hemisphere: In this impressive TEDTalk titled "Jill Bolte Taylor's Stroke of Insight" the speaker describes an epiphany (spiritual awakening) while having a stroke.

Mo, 2. September, 2013:
Computer Diary: My Cellphones & Smartphone (2010-2013): Until recently I wasn't interested in smartphones and used cellphones only to call people and not really use otherwise as my desktop system gave me sufficient possibilities to communicate and work onl..

Mi, 7. August, 2013:
2013: France & Italy: First version of diary.

Sa, 27. April, 2013:
Computer Diary: KDE / Kubuntu 12.04: 10+ years terrible GUI, A Systemic Problem of OSS: After 2-3 years not looking at KDE & Kubuntu (Ubuntu with KDE) I installed Kubuntu 12.04 - the installation I did via the Windows Installer was terrible: Linux kernel failed to boot, I had to add 'nol..

Di, 27. November, 2012:
Computer Diary: UNIX Man on Windows 7: VirtualBox + Ubuntu + LXC: I code nowadays (2012/11) on a bunch of laptops (with 2nd screens attached) which run on Windows 7 (Win7) mostly - with one keyboard and mouse controlling 2-4 machines using Synergy package.
Living Diary: More Alternative Houses: Treehouses & Bubbles Again: Some more lightweight habitat approaches, some are looking nice but seem not practical, others might be good as inspiration and starting point to develop something actual working: Cocoon Tree @{http..

So, 26. August, 2012:
RepRap: First version with overview, bit history and references.

Sa, 25. August, 2012:
Spirit Diary: 3D Printing / RepRap, Open Source & Spirituality: In a far distant place, not measureable, there is a technology, where ideas become a form, in which the creators own spirit dives into the form.

So, 29. Juli, 2012:
Computer: Extended the otherwise boring page with some "extensive" consideration on reality.

Mo, 23. Juli, 2012:
Spirit Diary: Tuning In - Spirit Channelers in America (2008): Excellent video documentary on channeling, highly recommended: One simplification in the documentary I like to address: "There is no sin, there is nothing to pay back".

Di, 10. Juli, 2012:
Computer Diary: Metadata - The Unresolved Mess: We count the year 2012, cloud computing and cloud storage has arrived, and still increasing.

So, 8. Juli, 2012:
Living Diary: 3D Printing - The Next Technical Revolution: Forgive me calling it "next (technical) revolution", terms too often too hasty used, but sometimes a revolution comes and isn't so fast and only in retrospect the revolution is realized.

and many more...

René - re né (französisch, alt. Rainer, Renato, Reto): wiedergeboren
K. - Karl (Charles, Carlos) - einer der stark ist
Müller - der das Korn zu Mehl mahlt

Hier schreibe ich ein paar meiner Gedanken nieder, verlinke meine diverse Web-Sites, die ich sonst noch unterhalte - und vorallem meine Reisetagebücher abspeichere und so Freunden zugänglich mache.

Die Web-Seiten sind in deutsch oder in englisch, und teilweise in beiden Sprachen vorhanden.

Verschiedene Touren mit Liegevelo oder gewandert
Gedanken zur Mobilität, Energie und Effizienz
In einer Jurte, und anderen temporären Bauten

Computer / Virtual Reality
(english) Etwas Kunst von mir, und wie ich Dinge anschaue
(english) Ein paar Gedanken dazu


Folgende Web-Sites sind von mir online, einige unterhalten, andere einfach noch online - alle in englisch:

Building and living in temporary buildings (tipi, yurt & domes)
Photosets on captured moments in nature
(2007-2012, since 2019 offline)
Spiritual art, still online but not maintained anymore

Computing, programming technology site
About concepts raised by the Occupy Movement
Large wallpapers for multi-monitor setups

Procedural geometry: OpenSCAD + JavaScript
Metadata focused, fully indexed file system
No longer active

und ein paar kleine Web-Sites, die nicht wirklich Sinn machen noch aufgelistet zu werden.

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