Art Diary
Steve Reich Electronica (2011)
Steve Reich 2x5 M3 Remixed (2011)
Steve Reich - Live At UC Berkeley (1970)

"Yes, we can."

Barack Obama
4th November 2008, Chicago, USA

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Geometry Art

Geometry I've got more interested in while calculating my own temporary buildings and study the undelying base structures, such as close packing of spheres:

Closest Packing of Spheres

See about mathematics of alike at Polyhedra Notes

Digital Art

Digital art I have been doing since early time with Commodore 64, but with computers providing full RGB 24 bit color pallette and programs like Photoshop, or GIMP and Inkscape allowed to draw on the computer. On the other hand raytracing, a way render abstract reality only based on mathematics allowed to create virtual setting, like this:

Outer Reflection

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