Visiting Auroville - A Reflection

"Yes, we scan."

Barack Obama
2013/06/30, USA

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Visiting Auroville - A Reflection

Pearls of Auroville

Within my stay I discovered some pearls, based on my personal interest:

Johnny's Capsule

The simplicity of Johnny's capsule is so convincing that his work has been adapted through entire Auroville.

His "How To Build A Capsule " flyer I webified at my other web-site.

Real Life Application

Johnny's Original Capsule, Sri Ma, Auroville
Johnny's Original Capsule, Sri Ma, Auroville

An original (unaltered) capsule I photographed at "Sri Ma", a small Auroville community 5km north of the main area at the coast.

More Works of Johnny

Currently (2010) Johnny works on a house toolkit to resolve some of the Auroville habitat shortage:

A more full grown house he built 2009:


The famous golden globe of Auroville is called Matrimandir (sankrit for "temple of the mother"), also known as the Soul of Auroville.

The Model

Model of Matrimandir interior, inner chamber, Auroville

Full Size

Matrimandir, Auroville
Matrimandir at night, Auroville

Architecture-wise and artistically it's an impressive building, no question, yet as spiritual or mystic place I have my doubts: I tried to meditate within the inner chamber of the Matrimandir with a group, it just lasted 10 min, we were not permitted to stay longer. The place seems completely void of any quality, blank, sterile (which could be seen as quality, yup).

It's supposed to aid concentration and meditation on the Universal Mother. Based on my personal experience with the Goddess (and Divine Mother derived from) is of a very different quality than the carefully demarcated one offered in the Matrimandir.

My suspicion is that the current implementation (2010) of the Matrimandir is unfinished, physical maybe finished, energetically waiting for an imprint: for example a blessing of a spiritually realized individual, giving it an energetical signature and setting-up an energy field which gives it its function - right now all that appears to be missing.

World Bamboo Day 2010

On 18th September 2010 the World Bamboo Day was held, so also in Auroville in front of the Solar Kitchen:

World Bamboo Day (18th September 2010), Solar Kitchen, Auroville
Dominik with his Bamboo Bicycle, World Bamboo Day 2010, Auroville

Auroville (City)

The overall architectural aspect of Auroville as a city is very artistic, yet, a bit too disconnected from the local circumstances like the existing tamilian villages, climate, landscape and soil. For example, the garden is nice to look at, but at the climatical subtropic Auroville lies, nobody can meditate without a shadow during day in a garden.

Auroville City model, Town Hall, Auroville

The Lotus

I discovered this beautiful lotus flower in "New Creation":

Random Impressions

In and around Auroville:


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