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    "You are not a human being having a spiritual experience, but a spiritual being having a human experience."

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    Here my thoughts and brain storming on housing, and general issues of life including political issues:

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    More Alternative Houses: Treehouses in Sweden
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    I have been focusing on alternative houses before, here some further treehouses, bringing the childhood dreams of many into reality.

    Mirror Cube

    Mirror Cube

    Hanging about 4-6m up in a tree - visually blends into the forest nicely, but from a material point of view it may me fragile depending of the used material, likely not glass. I also wonder of the windows, whether light enters the space. The entry and access isn't illustrated either, so . . .



    This approach combines the landart aspect into to the building, and does a much nicer task blending not just visually but also conceptionally better into the forest. Question is, where does the light come from (the top?), and where are the windows?

    The second image on the right shows some circular windows . . . not sure if it's sufficient since the forest is a shade place by itself, and direct and ambient light rather low.



    A more traditional and realistic approach of a treehouse: stairs to reach the building, sufficient windows to bring light into building and let the inhabitants see the forest.


    Check also other posts with other tags.

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