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Recumbent Meta


Wed, February 21, 2007: Starting version 2: only using two bicycles (instead of 3 of version 1). .

Mon, March 20, 2006: First version .

Here a bit brainstorming recycling bicycle to build a recumbent:

Metamorphosis 1

Type: Low Rider Recumbent
Stage: Planning

Using two or three old bicycles and use parts to combine it to a new low rider. The advantage is obvious, most parts can be reused and I get experience with stability and welding or hard soldering, not yet sure which procedure I use.

The idea and concept I have been develping since 2004 and 2005, but now finally want to make it real.

The Goal

That's about what I target as goal. Of course the nice bended main frame tube I won't able to do currently with the tools available to me. Additionally I like to have the main hub in the front I like to have a bit lower, the height of the center of the front wheel actually.

The Source

As source material I like to use used or recycled ordinary bicycles, two 26" bicycles, and a kid bicycle with 20" wheels.

Cuts to make

I require two 26" bicycles as I require two hubs, one for the back which won't be used, and the hub in front. The front fork I take from the 20" kid bicycle.

Important is to note that hub I gonna reuse with front chain changer I need to switch in order to use the single tube to attach. I hope that's possible.

The Result

The Complete Metamorphosis 1

The orange spots are brazel or welding points. The seat is moveable to adjust to different body sizes, also the tilt or angle should be ajustable, and I'm thinking of installing a spring for the seat, resides between the back and the main bottom frame tube, note: the seat will not be fixated at the back, just at the bottom.

The front hub is not moveable and fixated.

The Equipped Metamorphosis 1

The fully equipped Meta 1, with rear bags, sleeping bag and tent, as well smaller bags. I'm also thinking of a clear windshield. The aprx. seat height will be 30-35cm.

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