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2005: France & Italy

3.6. Martina - Zernez 46km

2005/06/03 11:22
2005/06/03 11:22
2005/06/03 11:23
2005/06/03 16:41
2005/06/03 16:41
2005/06/03 16:42
2005/06/03 16:42
2005/06/03 16:42
2005/06/03 16:48
2005/06/03 16:51
2005/06/03 20:47

5:30 awake, very cold, less than 10C, it was a cold night, waiting until the sun reached the place, 7:30, until everything is dry. 8:30 departure, it is very demanding, ascents, descents, I come very slowly ahead, Scoul, Susch, Zernez short shopping, 12:00, and I consider whether it is worth to St. Moritz much easier to be Julier ride if the route is similar as in the past. I find after Zernez a beautiful place, it's hard to believe, I wash myself in the very cold Inn, wash a few clothes, I think I stay here tonight. I meet some construction workers which collect stones from the river bed, and one gives me the hints about the Fluelapass or Julierpass to drive, he recommends the Fluela due lesser traffic and only have to pass one pass, via Julier I would have to go two. Enjoyed the afternoon very much at the two small waterfalls in the Inn / En. At 19:30 I am in the tent, it cools noticeably, thanks!

4.6. Zernez - Flüelapass - Bad Ragaz 97km 800Hm

Going up the Fluela Pass
2005/06/04 12:20
2005/06/04 12:20
2005/06/04 12:21
2005/06/04 12:25
2005/06/04 13:03
2005/06/04 13:03
2005/06/04 13:03
2005/06/04 13:03
2005/06/04 13:21
2005/06/04 14:00
2005/06/04 14:00
2005/06/04 14:00
2005/06/04 14:01
Fluela Pass, after 2.5hrs climbing with the recumbent
2005/06/04 14:01
2005/06/04 14:59
2005/06/04 15:01
2005/06/04 15:01
2005/06/04 15:02
2005/06/04 15:49

5:10 awake, it starts to rain, quickly get up and pack up, 5:30 back to Zernez, would there have been more rain I would be cut off entirely. 6:10 Zernez, train station, still raining, 8:00 shopping, go after Susch, rain stops. Flüelapass but the decisions to drive it isn't made yet, 9:30 Susch, I decide to ride the pass, the first piece is hard, and it's long, reaching 1831m - first half made, then, at 12:00 on the pass, finally - with 25kg baggage very hard. Go into Restaurent french fries to eat, to celebrate the day, oversalted, but good to balance my salt. Around 13:00 departure, two stops for taking photos, then down to 40-73km per hour, 20min later, I am in Davos, continues to Klosters, the Prätigau down on side streets until Landquart, then Bad Ragaz, where I am after some find a place next to the quiet and very broad Rhine. Have while and meet interested and open people I talk to, finally find a place, 19:30 tent still little wet, I am in the tent, eating leftovers from the previous day, very fine. So last day tomorrow, then go comfortably the last section.

5.6. Bad Ragaz - Oberdürnten 85km

Near Walenstadt
2005/06/05 12:00
2005/06/05 12:01
2005/06/05 12:51
2005/06/05 12:52
2005/06/05 13:00
2005/06/05 13:00

7:30 awake, 8:30 departure, in the night several times, it rained briefly, in the morning sunshine through clouds fields so that the tent partially dried. After Walenstadt, seeing the giant Churfirsten, riding to Obstalden along the Walensee with the usual steep detour, but otherwise light and then the broad Lindth-plain, brick bridge, Schmerikon, Jona, Rüti, and finally Oberdürnten, 15:00, the end of the trip!

Wild Camping

I realize that while being on the trip had no need of official campsites anymore, even if I had had the money to spend so much, it is much nicer to camp in the wild, some times it may be more difficult to find a place, but on this trip the sites in the wild were better than any official campsites, without exception. Quiet, scenic, forest, nature. I understand now why touring cyclists praise wild camping. Once you released the stress to find a place, and you simply allow to find a place you are much better off and enjoy it immensely.


(Not entirely serious)

  • Do not have chocolate more than 1 day, especially when in Italy when it is warm, no matter where it can be stowed, it will become liquid.
  • In Italy, one speaks Italian, not French, some speak English, they like the Germans, Erik Zabel (professional cyclist) many know, I don't.
  • Foccacho is white bread with olive oil and salt, good for salt balance.
  • Village shops are sometimes very expensive, Lidl, however, very convenient for drinks, if you look on the money, bread from the local bakery to buy fresh, it's worth it.
  • In beautiful places you will find a lot of waste, such as whole scraped cars, the French and Italians like nice and beauty, but they do not respect their public space, a great pity - still good sleeping places.
  • Light beverages are available for people who to loose weight, but not suitable for touring cyclists, because the brain believes it gets energy (sugar), but the body does not get it - devilish.


CH: Lenzburg, Aarau, Olten, Solothurn, Biel, Erlach, Yverdon, La Saraz, Morges, Nyon, Versoix, Geneve, Meyrin

F: St. Genis, Forges, Bellegarde, Nantua, Pont d'Ain, Belleville, Beaujeu, Chaffailles, Charolles, Paray le Monial, Digion, Diou, Dompiere sur Besbre, Moulins, Souvigny, Cellerie, Cosne d'Allier, Montlucon, Boussac, Gueret, Benvent l'Abbaye, Ambazac, Limoges, Aix sur Vienne, Chalus, Doumazac, Nontron, Brantrome, Riberac, Montpon, St. Medard, Lussac, St. Emilion, Branne, Bordeaux, Pieroton, Arachachon, Pyla sur Mer, Biscarrosse, Parents en Born, Mimizan, Lit et Mix, Leon, Seignosse, Capbreton, Biarritz, Bayonne, Urt, Peyrehorade, Lahontan, Orthez, Lacq, Abidos, Jurancon, Pau, Assat, Bordes, Nay, Lestelle-Betharam, Lourdes, Loucrup, Bagneres de Bigorre, Mauvezin, Capvern, Lannemezan, St. Gaudens, St. Martory, Carbonne, Capens, Auterive, Cardouch, Castelnaudry, Carcassonne, Trebes, Puicheric, Beziers, Agde, Sete, Mireval, Palavas les Flots, Le Grau du Roi, Aigues Mortes, Albaron, Villeneuve, Salin de Giraud, Fos sur Mer, Port de Bouc, Martigues, Le Rove, Marseille, Cassis, La Ciotat, St. Cyr sur Mer, Bandol, Toulon, Hyeres, La Londe, Bormes les Mimosas, Le Lavandou, Cavaliere, La Croix-Valmer, St. Maxime, St. Raphael, Agay, Antheor, Cannes, Antibes, Nice, Monte Carlo, Menton

I: Savona, Genua, Rapallo, Chiavari, Sestri Levante, Passo del Bracco, La Spezia, Forte dei Marmi, Viareggio, Migliarino, Lucca, Pescia, Pistoia, Firenze, Pontasieve, Rufina, Dicomano, Passo di Muraglione, Forli, Ravenna, Marina di Ravenna, Lido di Spina, Volano, Mesola, Rosolina, Choggia, Mestre, Venezia, Castelfranco, Bassano, S. Marino, Borgo, Caldonazzo, Pergine, Trento, Bolzano, Terlan, Merano, Malles Venosta

A: Reschenpass, Nauders

CH: Martina, Susch, Flüelapass, Davos, Klosters, Landquart, Bad Ragaz, Walenstadt, Ziegelbrücke, Schmerikon, Jona, Rüti, Oberdürnten

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