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SON 28 (26"-28") Hubdynamo as example

SON Hubdynamo inside & parts
Myself I have mixed experience with hubdynamos (SON 16"-20") is mine stopped to deliver electricity after 5 years despite of the claim it's 100% maintenance free, and opening the dynamo without extra tool is very difficult. Anyway, despite of this, having 4-5 years lifetime of a hubdynamo is ok when it's known ahead, and so it could be used to develop an electrical system where
  • GPS (Garmin: 3V),
  • mobilephone (externe charger, e.g. Samsung 5V/0.7A ~3.5W for 45 mins),
  • photo- (2x AA = 3V) or videocam,
  • MP3 Player or
  • alike gadgets

to be used on the bicycle.


  • Direct:
    • Pro: simple electrical setup
    • Contra: gadgets only function while you drive

  • Indirect: use twice 2x AA rechargeable batteries, one you charge and the other pair which delivers energy
    • Pro: easy integration and usage
    • Contra: additional 2x AA, more sophisticated electrical setup


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