"Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure."

Marianne Williamson
from her book "A Return To Love"

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Central USA

Trenton, (reaching St. Louis urban) Lebanon MI, stay on 50,

go south 158 til end, then west, once in Belleville, ride south, til 15, go north west til end of 15 (crossing I255), (Park: Frank Holten State Park , no camping), ride back south til 158 Centreville Ave, Millstadt, Dodemich, Columbia, west,
  1. west using I255 to cross Mississipi leaving I255 at Telegraph Rd, south, stay on it, Oakville, keep going on it, Flamm City, further til 67, then south
  2. south: Bluff Rd south, all the way, stay on Bluff Rd, Valmeyer, then ???

parallel I55 on 67, til Barnhart, then Antonia on M, Otto, House Springs til 30, go ahead of W til Eureka (Park: Route 66 State Park , no camping)

  1. use I44/66
    1. til St. Clair, ride north to Union
    2. part for 50 to Union
  2. use 30, Scotsdale, Cedar Hill, Dittmer, Lonedell, St. Clair, riding north to Union

on 50, Union, Leslie, Drake, Mount Sterling, Potts, Linn, Loose Creek, Taos,

Jefferson City (Park: Binder State Park, camping?), on 50 further, California,

Tipton, Syracuse, Smithiton, Sedalia, Dresden, Knob Noster (Camping: Knob Noster State Park ),

Warrensburg (near Kansas City), 6 km outside go south on 58, Holden, south again, Medford, then west, on 2, til Harrisonville,

Prettyman, Freeman, West Line MI, Louisburg KS, Lento (Camping: Hillsdale State Park ),

stay on 68, til Ottawa, further west, Richter, Pomona, 268, (Camping: Pomona State Park ),

stay on 268, Osage City, 500m north, join 56, Allen, Council Grove, Wilsey,

Herington, Hope, Elmo, Cypsum on 4W, til 4S, Assaria, then Falun Rd west,

stay on it til 141, apprx 12 km, (Camping: Kanopolis State Park ), Venango, south on 141, til 4 then west, Geneseo, Bushton,

Hoisinton, stay on 4 til La Crosse, south til 95, then west, Nekoma, Alexander, Ness City,

Alamota, Scott City, on 96 further,

Tribune KS,

Sheridan Lake CO, Brandon, Eads, stay on 96, Haswell, Arlington, after 20km after Heath, south to Cheraw, then

La Junta (Camping: John Martin Reservoir ), then on 10 to

Walsenburg (Camping: Lathrop State Park ),

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