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Mobility Diary

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    Mobility Diary

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    Lightweight Car: Loremo LS - 1.5L per 100km / 155 MPG
    last edited 2009/04/15 10:43 (*)

    I finally found a lightweight car, still 550kg, but that team realized the overall weight is a crucial aspect of the overall efficency: Loremo LS - developed by a german-based team.

    2008/07/31 12:21
    2006/10/26 16:59
    2007/08/13 15:36

    Technical Details:

    • weight: 550kg (6.8 vehicle/body ratio @ 80kg human)
    • seats: 4
    • fuel usage: 1.5L diesel / 100km or 155 MPG
    • fuel: diesel
    • max. speed: 150 km/h or 90 MPH
    • Euro 17,000 / US$ 22,000

    Even though they still have 550kg, they seem to have developed a full scale car with 4 seats: 2 seats facing to the front, and 2 seats facing backwards. No regular doors but to open it with the entire front; this due the ridig steel frame for the front seats.

    So, the vehicle/body ratio for:

    • 1 adult: 550/80 = 6.87
    • 2 adults: 550/160 = 3.43
    • 2 adults + 2 kids: 550/260 = 2.11
    • 4 adults: 550/320 = 1.71

    which is impressive, almost reaching 1 - so a range of 1.7-6.8.

    The overall fuel usage from 1.5 to 2L gasoline per 100km is much better than what I have seen so far, e.g. compare to micro-cars with only 2 seats still having 5-6L per 100km.

    Update: The "EV" variant comes with an electric engine, and reaching 170km/h, see YouTube: 1st public run Loremo EV (2009/04/11) - it's a bit heavier with 600kg, and 150km / 90 miles range with one battery charge.

    As comparison of diesel vs electric version:

    diesel electric
    weight 550kg 600kg
    range 1000km / 600 miles 150km / 90 miles

    Source: , Wikipedia: Loremo , YouTube: Loremo (german)

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