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Mobility Diary

    "Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure."

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    Mobility Diary

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    Exotic Vehicles
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    Segway (Mono Standing)

    For long one of the most "modern" vehicles for urban application, now becomes almost a classic of its own: the Segway.

    2008/12/04 10:55
    2006/12/05 15:30

    Source: Segway PT

    Segway (Dual Seats)

    A newer version with two seats:

    2009/04/07 06:08
    2009/04/07 06:08


    A truly exotic approach is this mono wheel approach, where you sit where the hub usually is. I don't think this is really an efficient vehicle, because more friction due more wheels to create a hubless setup, you need various smaller wheels to keep the large wheel attached to the drive and seat and overall structure - on the other hand there is only one wheel and wheel friction involved, but I speculate that doesn't make it even.

    2008/06/10 01:08
    2007/11/23 01:09


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