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2014: Central Europe

April 09, 2014: Cerest - Apt - Murs 33km (2:18) 945km

One of the most beautiful places I reached this afternoon, in the morning I met Toby, who came from the UK heading to Azerbaijan, and we took some time to exchange thought about transpersonal observation and communication with the environment while being on the tour. I reached Apt, where I decided to go for Murs, a nice ascend until I diverted from the road with a great view back to the south . . . even though there was sufficient space, but very rocky so took some time to find a place to pitch the tent.

Toby from UK, heading to Azerbeijan in 11 weeks
Ascending to Murs

April 10, 2014: Murs - Col du Murs (617m) - Carpentras - Malaucene - Vaison - Mollans sur Ouveze 68km (5:22) 1013km

The ascend to Col du Murs was brief, through the village of Murs first, getting some more water - and then descending to Carpentra, via road in the shadow (northern slope) and then flat into Carpentras and then continued - then ascend started but took some time until I got a suitable place with the silence and solitude I desired.

Village Murs
Col du Murs (617m)

April 11, 2014: Mollans sur Ouveze - Montbrun les Bains - Col de Macquegne (1068m) - Barret sur Meouge 59km (4:09) 1072km

I was motivated to ride today, but I didn't know what to expect: steep ascends, but it wasn't even a pass, but a detour from the river - finally came to Montbrun les Bains, and then surprising ascend to Col de Macquegne, ascending about 400Hm and steep - short before the pass, I met Pierre, and we rode the last 1-2km to the pass together. We talked a bit and he invited me to his place, which was just 30km away, all descending, a valley I considered to continue. Unfortunately he had to work night shift, so the talk at his place was brief - I camped in front of the house, even though he offered a room to me, but I explained that I prefered to sleep in the tent.

Montbrun les Bains
Montbrun les Bains
Montbrun les Bains
Col de Macquegne (1068m)
Col de Macquegne (1068m)

April 12, 2014: Barret sur Meouge - Sisteron - Digne les Bains 65km (4:05) 1137km

The next morning I started early and rode through the beautiful canyon of Jabron, but since it was still in the shade, it was so cool that I head to wear by headband and bicycle gloves. I continued to Sisteron and then entered valley heading to Digne les Bains, a few kilometer before I found a nice place - took the time to wash the inlining of the sleeping bag and some t-shirts.

April 13, 2014: Digne les Bains 0km (-) 1137km

Decided to stay at this place, a bit overcast was the day - time to rest.


April 14, 2014: Digne les Bains - Col de Robines (988m) - St. Andre les Alpes 52km (3:28) 1189km

One of the nicest days in regards of the route, little traffic, and steady ascend to the Col de Robins at 988m, about 2km after I detoured into the forest, still before St. Andre les Alpes.

Col de l'Orme (734m)
Col de Robines (988m)

April 15, 2014: St. Andre les Alpes - Castellane - Rougon 49km (2:48) 1238km

The night was chilly, due the elevation, I descended to St. Andre and continued along the Verdon which becomes a lake due a damm - I descended further to Castellane and further direction to Rougon which was ascending again. I felt my knees and didn't continue but turned back and rode a few kilometers until I found a nice place - very nice canyon, but many places had signs not to camp so it wasn't so easy for me to find a place.

River Verdon near St. Andre

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