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2014: Central Europe

May 16, 2014: Passau - Deggendorf 80km (5:19) 3441km

Passau is a tricky city, two rivers, the Inn and Donau/Danube join, so you need to pay attention where exactly the bicycle path continues - I ask local people for the direction, as the signs are not existant anymore.


May 17, 2014: Deggendorf - Straubing 29km (1:44) 3470km

I start late, and just after 2km I meet Tomas from Sweden, who has been on tour for entire year already, staying in Spain at winter, and now returns back to Sweden. Since we both are IT professionals, and his focus on cyber security, we discuss the NSA mass surveillance but also bicycle technology - after 3 hours we part and I continue westward, and he eastward. Shortly after Straubing along a side channel of the Donau/Danube I find a nice place.

Tomas from Sweden, 1 year on the road
USB connector from hub dynamo

May 18, 2014: Straubing - Kelheim 85km (5:00) 3555km

Kind of slow day, until I reach Kelheim, and just before the actual center of the city I stop and rest - and discover the inside of a cheap chinese USB cable, which no longer works to charge my smartphone; luckely I have a 2nd cable with me as reserve.

May 19, 2014: Kelheim - Ingolstadt - Neuburg an der Donau 94km (5:53) 3649km

I ride through Kelheim, and don't take the ferry, but insist to take the bicycle path up the hill - but at some point I detour and the path is so steep that I can't continue, and I detour on the normal street, until I see explict road for bicycles again. Anyway, it's better to take the ferry especially when you have baggage on your bicycle. In the afternoon I meet a couple, he is on a tricycle, she on a normal bicycle, he is halfway numb, and only one leg he can push - impressive! I continue until Neuburg, and camp at a very nice place with late sunset.

Neuburg an der Donau

May 20, 2014: Neuburg a.D. - Donauwoerth - Guenzberg 93km (5:28) 3742km

The sun reaches the tent late to dry, so I start late, and meet a couple of people, lot of talks, e.g. the two friends from France riding the Eurovelo 6 to Black Sea, or Antoine ( about 3 weeks on the road, heading for a 2 years tour around the world with his recument with an extra 3rd 26" wheel as trailer - he has the best setup I saw on my tour so far, he is impressively well prepared to very small details.

Antoine / 2 year tour
Hub dynamo controller to USB: USB2BYK
Antoine / 2 year tour

May 21, 2014: Guenzberg - Ulm - Mengen 109km (6:25) 3851km

I camped near a small lake, with a small island in the middle - some beautiful scenery at sunrise I was able to capture. I continue to Ulm, and further, the bicycle path is significantly hilly, ascends and descends, one is even 20% and the sign says "Cyclists walk" - I descend with full breaks.

20% descend, "cyclists walk" (NOT)

May 22, 2014: Mengen - Sigmaringen - Tuttlingen - Thayngen 112km (6:31) 3963km

The Donau/Danube gets significantly more narrow, some nice canyons with little or no car traffic, and I'm coming close to the end of the tour, once I reached Tuttlingen I realize that I can make it today - a local cyclists recommends a good path over some of the hills, and finally reach the border to Switzerland, where my tour ends after 10 weeks and apprx. 4000km.

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