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2014: Central Europe

April 24, 2014: Broni - Piacenza 58km (3:25) 1884km

Nearby a vineyard, and the sunrise is spectacular as you can see with the dreamlike mist. I head for Piacenza and then follow the Po bicycle path a bit.

April 25, 2014: Piacenza - Cremona 57km (3:23) 1941km

April 25th is the liberation day of World War II in Italy from the fascist regime - my little italian allows me to follow a bit the speeches. Later I leave the city, and continue and cross over the Po, over a 2.5km long bridge, but the southern side doesn't allow me to get to the river, so I ride back and find a nice place.


April 26, 2014: Cremona - Casalmaggiore - Parma - Modena 103km (5:38) 2043km

I ride through Casalmaggiore, Parma which I like a lot, and further until a few kilometers before Modena, at Rubiera at river Secchia, but the region is a nature reservation with camping not permitted, so I head south along the river and join a narrow MTB road and reach the clear river of Secchia, a very nice place.

April 27, 2014: Modena - Bologna - Ferrera 118km (6:18) 2161km

Riding through Modena, and finally reach Bologna - at Sunday the center of the city is closed for cars, and pedestrian can walk freely on the streets, which is nice and create a calm atmosphere, very unusual for such a big city like Bologna - I recall at other times when I rode through the city which was very challenging due the immense traffic. I continue to Ferrara going north, to reach the river Po again - and I find a nice place in the forest after 2 hours of head wind, just 5m from the river Po, and wind protected - soft ground, but it starts to rain and cools off.

April 28, 2014: Ferrera 0km (-) 2161km

Rainy day, I walk into the village Ravalle to buy some food and back into the tent . . .

April 29, 2014: Ferrera 48km (-) 2161km

The sun is back and drying the tent in the sun, the usual procedure for most of the days - I change the side of the river, going north and ride a bit back to explore nice places, when I meet this swiss family, Ursula & Hanspeter and their two daughters - impressive setup! They head direction to Venice and then along the coast to Croatia - a very happy family who enjoy their journey. I continue to ride west but the time ran short to explore more places.

Ursula & Hanspeter and their two daughters
Ursula & Hanspeter and their two daughters

April 30, 2014: Ferrera - Berra 60km (3:50) 2269km

Next day I meet the swiss family again, we ride about 1 hour together eastward, they stop a bit earlier and I continue and end up in heavy thunder and hail storm, until late in the evening when it stops and I have the chance to pitch my tent.

Ursula & Hanspeter and their two daughters

May 01, 2014: Berra - Mesola - Venezia/Venice - Jesolo 145km (7:07) 2414km

Very long day: the rain is over, the sun comes out and I can continue early - my plan is to quickly go to Venezia/Venice but then continue; I ride the normal road, which is busy even it's a holiday today (no trucks). I end up near Jesolo, where I camp near a channel.

Approaching Venezia/Veniceh
Approaching Venezia/Venice

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