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    Online Advertisement & Income for Web-Site Owners
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    I'm aware that advertising is one of the incomes people get when running a site, e.g. my own web-sites do not have any ads but I should run some to get some income from what I did, e.g. is very useful for people into temporary buildings, yet, I do not gain any financial income from it, so I added a donation button at least, so people can donate if they found the information worth it.

    As I mentioned earlier, I use an advertising blocker (AdBlock Plus ) in Firefox, which hides all advertising, I did this primarly to avoid tracking; as every advertising displayed is coming from a server which has your IP, e.g. yours is A company with huge advertisement share can actually track you, e.g. you are surfing from one site (with advertisement) to another and there is another advertisement, and you can be tracked this way.

    Using an advertising blockers also reduces the amount of income for web-site owners - so what is the solution?

    The solution once was "non-intrusive" and "targetted" advertisement, which means, on sites with a certain topic also certain advertisement is served; a traveling site runs outdoor advertisement, makes sense, right? Well, yes, unless that advertisement company is that big . . . that it can track you as pointed out before. Aside, web-sites are using so much advertising, that it becomes a major annoyance when the ratio of content vs ads becomes smaller.

    What is the solution?

    I think the Apple iPhone App Store shows it: people want to pay for things, so make it easy to buy and affordable - cut the middle-man (sort of, as Apple is still the middle man getting 30% of the selling) and let creators have most direct access to the audience. So, how about you can donate or pay with a click? Or like the restaurant which has no pricing, you pay as much as you value what you have eaten, if you pay little, you are "cheap" - actually literally?

    There needs to be a new consciousness of valueing things and pay for it (and it doesn't need to be money always).

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