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    iPhone JavaScript Frameworks (aka Avoiding Objective-C)
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    There is a strong movement to open iPhone development beyond the XCode/Objective-C constraint and enhance the JavaScript layer with WebKit further. already did this to some degree with interfacing the accelerator and GPS location, but for now OpenGL isn't tied in yet.

    Two frameworks seems approved by (accepted apps written by those frameworks):

    John Resig wrote an amazing hack for (a visualization framework): Processing.js which allows to write Processing code and run it as JavaScript. Michael Schieben adapted it with some minor changes to work on the iPhone: Processing.js for iPhone (github source ).

    Further Interesting References:

    and eases the application development without going to have to dive into Objective-C.

    Playing Looped Videos

    As part of an art project I'm involved, I require to play looped videos but this seems impossible with both frameworks because, both use HTML as backend, which by itself is again Safari Mobile, and there:

    • embed doesn't support autoplay=true or loop=true, in other words video doesn't start automatically neither loops, instead the 'ugly' QuickTime logo appears with the > "play" icon
    • embed doesn't support "src=poster.jpg href=movie.m4v", unlike documentation at indicates
    • direct links to movie.m4v starts the movie right away, but no way to let it loop, and return to page which linked the movie itself

    In a nutshell, these frameworks do not provide the way to start movies right away, and let it loop.

    Check also other posts with other tags.

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