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    "For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others."

    Nelson Mandela
    from "Long Walk to Freedom" 1995

    Here my little rant and praise place, where the daily experiences of my programming work are expressed. I publish them with the idea that others might find it useful and benefit from it.

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    Google - The Almighty Tracker & Advertising Blocking
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    I use as main email backend, access it via IMAP and let all my domains forward email there were I filter it into several folders (tagged). When I use the search engine, I'm tracked, every search I do is stored and tied to my identity as a browser-cookie is set on my computer revealing me to Google mail and its search engine . . . today I made the decision not to use the web-frontend anymore, and put and into the browser cookie blacklist, so no cookie from|.ch is stored anymore. I access my email with Thunderbird (on FreeBSD, Linux and MacOSX) and IMAP protocoll.

    I also run AdBlock Plus for Firefox 3.0 (which I currently use, but otherwise prefere Opera because of the smaller memory footprint), so there most of the ads aren't shown and therefore no cookie neither tracking my IP is possible.

    Firefox 2.0.x / 3.0.x - Memory Waste
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    Ranting About Something like a Web-Browser

    • Software: Firefox 2.0.0.x (Update: also applies to 3.0.x)
    • Summary: Using intense amount of memory
    • Remedy: Opera for FreeBSD

    Ok, I have been fan of open source for . . . since I can think - seriously, I have used Linux first, back when it came on 3 1/4" floppy disks even, then switched to FreeBSD because of the cleaner setup, but more overhead to get a decent desktop system. And yes, I still waste time to get /etc/X11/xorg.conf working to do exactly what I want, use the resolutions I want on both or all three monitors. But let's get back to the topic, adding a second monitor seemed an easy thing, considering I ran a 4 monitor Xinerama setup a few years ago successfully.

    I have a 2GHz Celeron, with 1GB RAM PC - and I still thinking it's a fast machine. I run KDE-3.5 for FreeBSD, great - not really MacOS-X but nice try to be Windows-like crap, when I use Konqueror intensively moving, copying or renaming files, and maybe at the same time within an xterm moving, or copying or deleting files, Konquerors just crashes - a piece of cr^H^Hunfinished software.

    Ok, there are still things to vent on you know.

    But despite tiny, and small problems of daily life with computers - and don't even start to think I should run Windows XP or Vista-Disaster on my machine, no way - running Firefox has pleased me so far, installed AdsBlockPlus and Session Manager and a few other add-ons, useful things, nothing fancy.

    What Happened?

    Dual Monitor with KDE-3.5

    Now, here comes the real rant, I use Firefox intensively, I have 5 windows of Firefox, within each window multiple sites, total maybe 50-60 sites. Yes, that's kind of a lot, but I'm a power-user, and I like to have the most important sites just open and ready to reload and read. Since I added a 2nd monitor, set a background picture, X11 requires more and more memory - and Firefox runs instead 1-2 days til it crashes only 2-3 hours til it crashes, sometimes even 1-2 minutes before it crashes.

    What happened? It ran out of "pixmap" memory, somehow Firefox wants to store information on the X11 server, why? I don't know. It fails - more frequent, and it has become unuseable.

    I started to use Opera - not open source - be aware - well, and I have 40 sites open, in 4 windows, and it uses 200MB, the X11 only 195MB still.

    • Firefox- for Linux 1): X11: 300MB, Firefox: 500MB - Total 800MB (207%)
    • Opera-9.24 for FreeBSD: X11: 185MB, Opera: 200MB - Total 385MB (100%)

    1) I have enabled Linux compatibility on FreeBSD so I can use the Linux Flash Plugin.

    Fixing Firefox?

    I consider myself a moderate skilled programmer, I don't have the time to dive in the source-code of Firefox - as simple as this. I'm not the only one who noticed this problem, but it's not been fixed yet - and I can't wait, sorry.

    I gonna use Firefox when it uses the same or less amount of memory as Opera.

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