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    Google - The Almighty Tracker & Advertising Blocking
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    I use as main email backend, access it via IMAP and let all my domains forward email there were I filter it into several folders (tagged). When I use the search engine, I'm tracked, every search I do is stored and tied to my identity as a browser-cookie is set on my computer revealing me to Google mail and its search engine . . . today I made the decision not to use the web-frontend anymore, and put and into the browser cookie blacklist, so no cookie from|.ch is stored anymore. I access my email with Thunderbird (on FreeBSD, Linux and MacOSX) and IMAP protocoll.

    I also run AdBlock Plus for Firefox 3.0 (which I currently use, but otherwise prefere Opera because of the smaller memory footprint), so there most of the ads aren't shown and therefore no cookie neither tracking my IP is possible.

    Check also other posts with other tags.

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